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How to identify the quality of thermal label paper

Release time:2023-08-06 23:01:05

1. Appearance

(1) The paper is very white, indicating that the heat-sensitive coating and protective layer of the paper are unreasonable, and too much phosphor is added, and the paper with good quality should be slightly green.

(2) The paper finish looks uneven or not high, indicating that the coating ratio of the paper is uniform.

(3) The paper reflects light strongly, which means that too much fluorescent powder is added, and the quality is not good enough.

2. Roast

If we use a lighter to slowly heat the back of the paper, if the color appears brown, it means that the formula is unreasonable and the storage time will be shortened. If there are small stripes or uneven color blocks, it means that the coating is uneven. Good-quality paper should be black-green (with a little green) after heating, and the color block is uniform, and the color gradually changes from the middle to the surrounding.

3. Illumination comparison and identification

After the printed paper is painted with a highlighter and exposed to the sun, the faster it turns black, the shorter the storage time and the worse the quality. "

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