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Uses of various self-adhesive labels

Release time:2023-08-06 22:58:50

When we shop in supermarkets, there are many products with labels on them, such as the labels on shampoo, we call them daily chemical self-adhesive labels, which are one of the self-adhesive labels. Different label materials and There are certain types of uses. What are the uses of different self-adhesive labels? Let's take a look at the uses of the following various self-adhesive labels.

  1. Coated paper self-adhesive label

Universal label for color products, suitable for various product information, such as: food, beverage, wine, stationery, electrical appliances, etc.

2. Matte writing paper, offset paper label

Multi-purpose label paper, suitable for barcode, information label printing labels, suitable for inkjet printing and high-speed laser printing.

3. Mirror coated paper self-adhesive label

It is an advanced multi-color label with a glossy surface, suitable for various products, such as: food, edible oil, beverages, electronic product information, etc.

4. Aluminum foil self-adhesive label

It also belongs to the multi-color product label, which is suitable for information labels such as food and stationery.

5. Laser/Laser self-adhesive label

Multi-color self-adhesive labels, suitable for stationery and decorative product information labels

6. Fragile paper self-adhesive labels

This kind of label has a certain anti-counterfeiting function, and is mostly used for anti-counterfeiting seals on electrical appliances, electronic products, food, etc. If it is peeled off, it cannot be reused.

7. Thermal paper self-adhesive label

Suitable for price tags, product retail and other information labels.

8. Thermal transfer paper self-adhesive label

Applicable to various heating equipment, such as microwave ovens, weighing machines, etc.

9. Removable adhesive self-adhesive label

The materials of removable stickers generally include coated paper, PE, PP, PET and other materials, which are suitable for information labels on tableware, home appliances, fruits, etc., and the product will not leave traces after peeling off the labels.

10. Washable adhesive self-adhesive label

Washable self-adhesive surface materials generally include coated paper, PE, PP, PET and other materials. They are often used for information labels such as beer, tableware, and fruits. After washing with water, the product does not leave any traces of self-adhesive.

11. Multi-layer self-adhesive labels

The surface materials of this kind of self-adhesive include coated paper, synthetic paper, PP, PET, PVC, etc., which are often used on bottles in cosmetics, food and other industries.

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