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What are the classifications of self-adhesive label printing machines?

Release time:2023-08-06 22:53:27

What are the classifications of self-adhesive label printing machines? According to the different printing forms of self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive printing machines can be divided into round-press flat type, flat-press flat type and round-press round self-adhesive printing machines.

1. Rotary press type self-adhesive printing machine

This kind of printing machine is a printing machine that adopts the circular flattening printing method, which can complete a series of printing processes such as bronzing, die-cutting, color printing, laminating, and receiving. The plate is installed on the cylinder, the printing table is fixed when imprinting, and the printing plate is rolled and printed.

It is mostly suitable for high-end quality self-adhesive labels in printing graphics.

2. Flat-bed self-adhesive printing machine (can be divided into standard type and basic type)

    2.1. The functions of the basic type include: printing-lamination-receiving, printing-bronzing-receiving, printing-die-cutting-receiving.

     Applicable printing label types: This model has a simple structure and is easy to adjust, but the precision is not high. It is a primary model and mainly prints general-grade self-adhesive labels.

     2.2. The functions of the standard type are continuously improved and improved on the basis of the basic type. The composition is basically the same, except that the lamination (bronzing) and other components are set independently. When the substrate is not moving, it can simultaneously perform embossing, die-cutting and Bronzing.

    The label printing machine can use copper-zinc plate or resin plate, which is an ideal equipment at present, and most of the domestic use this type of machine.

3. Rotary pressure round self-adhesive printing machine

Most of the round pressure round self-adhesive label printing machines adopt the form of satellite cylinder arrangement, and its components include feeding, printing, drying, die-cutting, cross-cutting, output, waste discharge rollers and rewinding rollers.

The main function is that after the self-adhesive has been overprinted or dried for many times, it can be die-cut and rewinded, and it can also be cross-cut and output after die-cutting according to different needs, and it can also be arranged in the last color group Glazing unit.

It is mostly suitable for self-adhesive labels with stable quality, large batches, and high quality requirements.

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