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What is pearlescent film self-adhesive label paper?

Release time:2023-08-06 22:55:57

The editor tells everyone that the pearlescent film self-adhesive label paper is a kind of PVC synthetic paper, which is used in more industries, and is very common on the beverage bottles we come into contact with in our daily life.

Pearlescent film self-adhesive label paper is added chemical substances and additives to its paper. PVC synthetic paper labels have strong tensile strength, tax resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and no pollution to the environment. They are well ventilated and are widely used in Artwork, albums, books and other printed matter.

Pearlescent film self-adhesive label paper also has the characteristics of PVC plastic and paper, breathable, water-resistant, etc., and has the characteristics of plastic and paper. It is used for printing on posters and other products and in food and cosmetic packaging.

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